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EGOBA starts up a new line of service: REFRIGERATED DIVISION.

Publicado en: The Electronic Edition of T21 Magazine

At the end of 2018 TRAXION acquires the assets of a refrigerated transport firm and transferred to one of its companies ( EGOBA ) for the operation and growth of that business.  

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We Transport the most important things, TOGETHER WITH MEXCIO

Publicado en: Published in:TRAXION.COM

At TRAXION community participation is an important issue, therefore  in support of those who need it the most we have been part of various solidarity projects in conjunction with our subsidiaries…

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Publicado en: Published in: TELEDIARIO

Even in adverse situations such as this contingency, Transportadora Egoba demonstrates its commitment, dedication and extraordinary performance of all our employees. We remain committed…

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Egoba’s success story with HEWELET-PACKARD

Publicado en: Published in: COMPUCAD SA de CV

At Transportadora Egoba we always want to be a t the forefront, the hyperconverged infrastructure implementation project concluded as a success story with Hewlett-Packard. This gave us among…

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Worker in the front line

Publicado en: Published in:

At the end of 2019 Transportadora Egoba has been recognized for demonstrating its constant commitment to the well being of each of its workers by paying timely contributions and amortizations…

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Egoba, one of the 50 most innovative companies

Publicado en: Published in: Journal of Transport Magazzine

Egoba has been chosen in the past several years as one of the 50 most innovative companies for the technological projects  developed that have favorably transformed its operational processes…

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Walking for society

Publicado en: Published in: Transportadora Egoba

Drivers and administrative staff of Transportadora Egoba participated in a day of social responsibility by working closely with the CHILDRENS HOSPITAL OF ONCOLOGY TELETHON.  They recently…

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