Number: Emitido por el Departamento de Transporte de los Estados Unidos, es un identificador único para empresas de transporte comercial. Sirve para fines de inspección, y para asuntos relacionados con la seguridad en carreteras estadunidenses. Nuestra clave es 632783Z.

F.A.S.T. (Free And Secure Trade):
Armoniza y facilita el despacho aduanal de bienes a través de un carril específico para empresas registradas en el C-TPAT.

NMFTA - The National Motor Freight Traffic Association:
The National Motor Freight Traffic Association offers expertise in loading classification, packaging and transportation. We are registered with the TEGB code.

The Harmonized Alphanumeric Carrier Code was created by the Customs Administration Office of Mexico’s Tax Administration System (SAT) to identify the different agents (individuals or companies) according to their activity. Egoba code is  0500.


C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism):

Its aim is to promote joint actions along with the industry in order to prevent that commercial cargo may get contaminated with illegal or undeclared substances or devices, such as weapons, drugs or explosives.<br /><br />
Suggested procedures respond to a historical situation that changed the security settings globally: the September 11 attacks. They aim to protect the entire distribution chain preventing that the international trade movements serve as a tool for terrorism and illegal trafficking.


Its main objective is the creation of an international system to identify the companies that offer high security guarantees for its role in the supply chain. These partners can receive tangible benefits in such partnerships such as expedited processing. The Mexican Tax Administration System, committed with international responsibilities, established the Economic Operator program in Mexico initially under the name "New Scheme of Certified Companies" (NSCC). Authorized Economic Operators may be manufacturers, importers, exporters, dispatchers, brokers, carriers, port, airport, terminal or deposits operators, or distributors. Egoba has been certified under this scheme since its inception, and we keep it current.

ISO 9001-2008:

The fourth edition replaces the 9001: 2000 regulation. During 2016 we achieved the recertification.


F.A.S.T. (Free And Secure Trade):

NMFTA - The National Motor Freight Traffic Association:


Verification Units:

The NMX-EC-17020-IMNC-2000 standard defines Verification Units as those organizations conducting assessments on behalf of private clients, their parent organizations and/or government authorities. A “B” type Verification Unit is a separate and identifiable part of an organization that provides verification services during the design, manufacturing, supply, installation, use or maintenance of items.

International Financial Reporting Standards:

The International Financial Reporting Standards (known by their acronym IFRS) are international technical accounting standards that regulate the development of accounting activity; they represent an accounting manual that is accepted around the world.

Clean Transportation:

The commitment to be a sustainable company led us to participate and be awarded in the "Clean Transportation" voluntary program, developed by the Ministry of Environment and Natural Resources and the Ministry of Communications and Transportation.<br /><br />
The program aims to reduce: - Fuel consumption - Emissions of greenhouse gases and criteria pollutants (NOx and PM10 and PM2.5) - Transportation operating costs The technologies and practices of fuel economy implemented by Egoba allow the reduction of 24,845 tons of CO2 emissions and the saving of 9,133,322 liters of fuel per year.

Best Mexican Companies:

This award is also a platform to expose and promote best business practices with the support of the National Bank of Mexico, Deloitte and Tecnologico de Monterrey. This initiative conceived by Deloitte was first introduced in Mexico in 2010 from the experience in countries like Canada, Ireland and the Netherlands. Egoba is the only company in the Transportation Sector which has been awarded for 3 consecutive years (2012-2015).

Information Week Magazine:

In 2016 we obtained this award thanks to the EGOBA MOBILE SERVICES (App Report-TE) project, an internal development that allows us to offer, exclusively in Mexico, a voice and data real-time link between the operator and our ERP.

Sanmina México:

In July 2016, during the "Quarterly Business Review", our client Sanmina awarded us for having obtained a rating of 4.9 out of 5 without any incidents on 984 services rendered during the period going from October 2015 to June 2016. The company is part of the leading group of technology companies in the West of the country.